Identity Theft Customer Testimonials

My Recovery Advocate did a great job. Very friendly and reassuring, plus she ensured I understood what was being done to resolve my situation.

Trish E.

It was a pleasure to work with your company in a very upsetting issue. My wife had the same issue in the past and had to resolve it herself. The service made that process so easy and took a quarter of the time to obtain the end result. Thank you for your professional assistance.

Scott W.

First and foremost I would like to say that since my information was compromised, your team has been the MOST knowledgeable of ALL the people I have spoken to. She has always been there providing the answers and assurances I need to feel that level of certainty. Thank you for everything.

Gene H.

Thank you very much for the help in clearing up my identity theft problems in a timely and professional manner.

Amelia B.

Thanks more than enough. You have truly been a light in this tunnel. One day I'll stop running to you with every concern.

Anthony B.

My Recovery Advocate handled my case from day one to the end. I was VERY impressed.

Sylvia B.

I've had a lot of luck with Merchants and they did a good job in returning my credit back to normal. I've had no problems since.

Dorothy D.

Merchants' service has been excellent so far and I'm confident if anything comes up again it'll be taken care of.

Linda J.

My advocate was a wonderfully competent representative. A real advocate for your members.

Teresa P.

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